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The Self-Portrait, shown here, should not have words next to it.

I am a Visual Artist who has always let Form speak for itself.

However, due to willful misrepresentations of both my Art, and me, I am now in the position of having to make a demonstrative statement about personal matters.

I am a Straight Woman.

I lived with my common law husband, Derreck Alexander, for over 12 years, (from 1999 - 2011), at our one-bedroom East Village Apartment.

Derreck and I were entirely faithful to one another.

My Art is not my Life.

I am not "wild."

My personal life has been relatively conservative.

I am only happy in a faithful, heterosexual relationship.

I am a child sexual assault survivor.

As my family can confirm: I was violently assaulted by two women, and a man, when I was 10 years old, at our New Jersey beach house. The female babysitter confessed.

It was the Man who stopped that attack. He may have saved my life.

All of the perpetrators were fired.

"Talented and gifted" children are frequently targets of aggression.

additionally, in unsupportive settings, such as the violent public schools I attended, "talented and gifted" can bring on abuse.

Nevertheless, I had many positives in my childhood. Fortunately, I had a great deal of love around me, from family, and from neighborhood friends and their families.

Strong core and family values surrounded me. That foundation lasts a lifetime. That foundation, and what I inherited, genetically, enabled me to succeed — and contribute to my community — consistently.

I never developed any of the serious symptoms of child sexual assault, bullying and bigotry, such as: promiscuity, addiction, or treating others abusively.

What that means is that I am able contribute to the beauty and betterment of society, with my abilities, resilience and understanding of what it means to overcome serious trauma.

In the real world, both men and women can be abusive, to children, and to one another.

in the real world, there is both opposite and same sex abuse.

any compassionate person should face this fact, realistically.

My parents are faithfully married, as were my grandparents. Those are the values with which I was raised. Not one of us has ever broken a law or suffered from an addiction.

I also have great compassion for those who have had to deal with family struggles and addiction. Those issues should never be used to destroy anyone's life, and those who have overcome such obstacles, and are honest about it, should be commended, as role models.

The one thing I truly dislike is moral hypocrisy.

When I was a child people said that I as going to be President of the United States.

God made me an Artist, not a Politician.

Yet, my concern for the greater good, and individual rights, is always a driving force in my life.

I am a lifelong civil and marriage rights supporter, regardless of race, religion or orientation.

But we are all different.

The only moral and progressive way forward, is to respect this god-given truth.

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