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Jane Rubin, Creative Director, Designer, Fine Artist, New York City
Jane Rubin
American Artist

janefirst.com was live
in 2000 to showcase my paintings, drawings and multimedia art.

It was originally called janesliveworld.com, launched in 1998. I am currently curating my own art on this site. another site, showcasing my visual art, only, (no words,) is also being designed.

Most artists have
web sites...

Stop being crazy!

Why do I say that...well, I made the mistake of painting and drawing in the Men's Professonal Sports World, from 1998 - 2012, without my own Public Relations or Security People.

When I began doing this Public Art, in the late 90s, I was an already exhibited and published Professional Artist. I had the support of my faithfully married parents, Bud and Peggy Rubin, an attorney-musician and a social worker, and Derreck Alexander, a gifted African American Man and Athlete.

Derreck and I lived together, in a faithful relationship. His testimony and my medical records can prove that. It is unfortunate that I even have to clarify that, publicly, but it is necessary.

I did not realize how dangerous it would be to expose myself to a mass audience, and mainstream sports and entertainment, unprotected. People with bully pulpits can spread crazy, antisemitic and vulgar stuff.

I grew up in a family that does not cheat, lie or steal to get ahead. I was overly trusting.

However, as Americans of all backgrounds realize, Republicans
and Democrats, the Mainstream Entertainment Industry is Deeply Connected to Politics, Has 24/7 Access to Global Media and PR, and It Can Exercise that Buying Power in Unethical and Corrupt Ways. George Steinbrenner was one example of this.

An Individual Fine Artist does not have that buying power or media access.

But I am a law-abiding United States Citizen. And every law-abiding Citizen has the same rights as anyone in Sports and Entertainment, or in
any other arena.

When I was a child — always well-behaved — multi-talented — an honors student — the leader of my peers — and covered in the news for my involvement in national politics — people said that I would be President of the United States.

I am an Artist.

I am not running for President.

The Oval Office is not a Painting Studio, although it would be interesting to make paintings there.

I am also a Nice Girl, and proud of it.

And Painting at Pro Sports Games does not give any mentally ill Man or Woman the right to lie about my character or identity, and spread their mentally ill garbage and slander.

In politics, dirty tricks go on all
the time.

My own grandfather, while he was Attorney General of Pennsylania, was a target of a corrupt smear campaign.

But my Grandfather, known throughout his life for his honesty, beat the
bad folks.

He won. They lost.

The above content is a first draft.
To be edited for brevity.