A Straightforward Warning — from Celebrity Artist Jane Rubin:

Do Not Lie About Me.

In 1988, Klik Magazine called me "The Star of the Show," but also libeled me. Klik is an international pop culture magazine based in Athens, Greece. Journalist Costas Salpas covered the 3rd Los Angeles Contemporary Annuale, in which both Charles Field and I, were exhibited. Charles and I were exhibited together, romantically, in one room in the museum. Charles had chased me while we were both attending CalArts. We were living together — in a faithful relationship — in LA. The 3rd LACE Annuale was curated by Jennifer Wells, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. (Ms. Wells later went on to curate the UBS Paine Webber collection). When I was libeled in Klik in dangerous ways, Ms. Wells told me not to worry about it. She said that no one would pay attention. It is strange that Ms. Wells said that. If Ms. Wells had been libeled in the way that Klik libeled me, she, MoMA and LACE, would have sued Klik Magazine immediately. I was only 25, an emerging artist, and took Ms. Well's advice to move on. The crazy libel about me and my art, published in Klik Magazine in 1988, has literally caused hardship and danger to me ever since. FYI: My Art — and my real life — are well documented. The lies in Klik were so blatant that I would have won a settlement without even having to go to court. I am not the same naive girl that I was in 1988, so I will get straight to the point: To ANY individual or institution lying about me: 1) You are mentally ill; 2) Your only destiny is that you will be sued immediately, without question.
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