A STRAIGHTFORWARD WARNING: DO NOT LIE ABOUT ME. In September, 1988, I exhibited a multimedia installation — click here — in the 3rd Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Annuale — click here. I was libeled in the the magazine that covered the show. At the time, I was living with my steady boyfriend, Charles Field. Charles and I were living together in LA in a FAITHFUL relationship. I have only been in a few, long-term, faithful relationships, and I did not date much in between. I was raised to be self-discplined. My art is not my life. My real, personal life is conservative compared to my peers. However, Klik Magazine published blatant lies about my art and me. The lies were so blatant that I would have won a lawsuit without going to court. The show's curator, (Jennifer Wells from The Museum of Modern Art,) advised me to forget about it and not sue. She would have sued if she had been in my position. In any case, those who control mainstream media can destroy innocent lives, obviously. Some forms of defamation should be a felony. Slander and libel can be a lethal weapon. That is why it is called "assassination."