LEFT: Drawing of my point shoes hanging on my bedroom wall, in my pre-teens — before I had formal art training.
RIGHT: Jane Rubin, February, 2016 — whole-body exercise routine (my own). Never practice this. Never think.
CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO. The video is shot on an iPhone in a mirror. There is distortion.
When I was a toddler, on stage in a performance, my athletic coordination was noticed. I was put in a ballet class taught by a Dancer from The National Ballet who lived in York, PA. She wanted me to dance professionally and put me on point at a young age. She also had my parents install a barre in our home. She suddenly retired in my pre-teens. I became a Painter. While my ballet development was cut short, Dance is my natural art form. I draw and paint from my whole-body athleticism, proprioception and muscle memory — not only with vision.
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