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Core Values

janefirst is CUSTOM DESIGN by Jane Rubin. This is NOT a template.
This is NOT someone else's framework. I also do NOT sketch, wireframe
or research, before I design, because, I do not have to. I can see it,
and do it, without any of that stuff. As the focus of this site is
my paintings and drawings, I am not including a lot of motion or
interactive bells and whistles. The Design is in progress.

All Paintings and Drawings on this site will be updated
with high resolution images.

Copyright Jane Cohen Rubin 2000 - 2018.

childhood: ballet

LEFT   Point Shoes   Pencil on paper    1977

This is a drawing of my point shoes at age 14, before I had any formal art training.

As a toddler, I was scouted. My coordination was noticed in a dance performance, and I was put in a ballet class in York, taught by a member of The National Ballet. She put me on point at a young age, and had a barre installed in our home. She retired in my pre-teens. With nowhere else to continue, my focus became painting. In my teens I taught a modern-jazz class, when the Instructor could not get to PA from New York City. She wrote to my parents: CLICK HERE.