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Baseball Player hitting home run; oil on linen; copyright Jane Rubin 2013
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ABOVE   Point Shoes   Pencil on paper    1977

ABOVE   First Recital in Childhood was at The First Presbyterian Church of York   Unretouched — distorted — iPhone photo: 2016 — to be shot professionally

My primary focus is painting, but I am a Dancer-Turned-Painter.

As a toddler, during a dance performance, my coordination was noticed and I was put in a ballet class taught by a member of The National Ballet who lived in York, PA. She began pushing me towards a pro dance career and put me on point when I was only 7. She retired in my pre-teens. My focus became visual art. Those are my point shoes, drawn before I had any formal training.

I began playing the piano around age 4-5. I was also being told to make music my career. I did not like playing other people's compositions. As an adult, I have improvised at some clubs, and do some composing.

My Dad was a true musical talent, a clarinetist with beautiful tone. He performed occasionally, but was too self-effacing to do so, regularly. He played at home, for many hours a night. My maternal Grandmother was a talented Painter.