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Core Values

janefirst is CUSTOM DESIGN by Jane Rubin. This is NOT a template.
This is NOT someone else's framework. I also do NOT sketch, wireframe
or research, before I design, because, I do not have to. I can see it,
and do it, without any of that stuff. As the focus of this site is
my paintings and drawings, I am not including a lot of motion or
interactive bells and whistles. The Design is in progress.

All Paintings and Drawings on this site will be updated
with high resolution images.

Copyright Jane Cohen Rubin 2000 - 2018.

Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin, Barbados, 2005

Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin, New York City, 2009

Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin, New York City, 2010-2011

Jane Rubin, York, PA, 2016

Derek Jeter on Deck, Copyright Jane Rubin 2010

Jane Rubin drawing at Yankee Stadium, Copyright Jane Rubin 2008

No Time to Think
Artist Jane Rubin's
of Jeter
at Yankee Stadium

Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin  Barbados, 2005
Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin  NYC, 2009
Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin  NYC, 2010-11

Jane Rubin  York, PA, 2016
Chronological age: 53;

Derek Jeter  Watercolor, Pencil on Paper  2010
Jane Rubin painting Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium

Click to view drawings
of Derek Jeter made at games
while he was playing

I can draw complex motion in real time -- such as -- an Athlete while he is playing.

From 1998 - 2012 I made paintings and drawings at Men's Pro Basketball and Yankee Games. I was in the front rows at Yankee Stadium, from 2006 - 2012. This art featured Derek Jeter, whom I drew and painted, while he was playing.

My Art has been professionally exhibited and published in New York City, and in Los Angeles, since my early 20s, long before I attended sports games to paint.

Obviously, I am a Professional Artist.

I am not a sports groupie.

I am also a Straight Woman who was in a faithful marriage, from 1999 - 2011.

Derreck Alexander and I lived together at 51 First Avenue, in the East Village, for 12 years while I was drawing and painting at sports games. Due to crazy, jealous "talk," I have put photos of Derreck and myself at the top of this page.

Derreck also impregnated me.

I have strong maternal instincts
and would love a son or daughter, unconditionally. That is joy.

However, unethical abuses of both of us prevented us from having children.

Derreck, who is a talented-gifted Athlete, himself, and a confident man, supported and trusted me, as well he should.

My personal life is conservative. I went to games to paint and draw. Then, I went straight home.

I was drawing in real time, while the game was happening.

I did not learn this in any school.

My own visual-spatial awareness and physical coordination, inherited from both sides of my family, enable me to do this.

These responsive drawings were made in minutes, sometimes seconds.

No time to think.

Often, I was not even looking at the paper.

In childhood, my first art form was ballet. I was considered to have the natural coordination, balance and expression, to dance professionally. The coach, in my small town, retired in my pre-teens.

I "feel" form and space as a Dancer, with my body.

I never watch.