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Whitney Museum of American Art ISP Exhibition, May, 1990; Copyright Jane Rubin 1989-90
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ABOVE   Larger-than-life Paintings   Oil on canvas    1989-90
Whitney Museum of American Art ISP Exhibition, May, 1990

These paintings were symbolic. I play the piano, not the drums. I have never been a wild girl, and I am not into sado-masochism. These larger-than-life paintings symbolized me overcoming childhood trauma and bigotry: There was violent abuse from women and girls in my childhood. Women abuse and sexually molest children far more than is officially reported or prosecuted. Old-fashioned feminism is partly to blame for this neglect of the facts, in pushing the false concept that men are always the attackers.

Fortunately, I had Strong Male Nuturers: I received a great deal of love and nurturing from my Grandfather and Father, while, at the same time, they were Confident Men, ahead of their time. They led by example. They encouraged self-reliance.

My Dad, alone, travelled to New York, to see my Whitney Program Show. He was impressed, and looked forward to seeing more. My Father did not confuse these paintings with my real life. But then, my Dad was not a moron — or crazy — or a petty hater.

My talented, open-minded Father passed away, recently. I was so blessed every day of my life that he raised and nurtured me, without ever directing or spoiling me.