Jane Rubin, Professional Artist, CEO, Creative Director.
Jane Rubin, CEO and Business Owner
Creative Director, Pro Artist,
Heterosexual Woman
Size 2, Extra Small

And that is my service dog:


I am the Owner, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of TOTALVIEW Global, my own advertising agency, which has consistently held an A-Plus Rating.

I am a 21st Century Straight Woman, who supports everyone's civil and marriage rights. I am heterosexual and only respond to men. I am not wild. I have never had "a list." I have worn a Size Small or Extra Small my entire life. I have been physically fit my entire life, and I stay in shape on my own.

Meanwhile, the Chickens and Dogs who lie about my small body, spend millions on their bodies and images and have many people helping them.

Imagine people with global media power giving you or your sister a sleazy nick-name, or calling you or your sister
"a fat, dirty dude." When people with global media power spread those "jokes" about you to the masses — they destroy you overnight. In fact, they can kill you.

I have only been in a small number of faithful relationships. My steady high school boyfriend in the 1970s, in York, PA, was Jeff Lubitz. My steady boyfriend in my early-mid 20s, was Charles Field. My steady boyfriend, in the early-mid 1990s, was Vahan Nahabedian. My common law husband, from 1999 - 2011, is Derreck Alexander. We separated in 2011, but we are in touch every day.

I have been pregnant as well. Unethical abuses of both Derreck Alexander and myself prevented us from having children, at the time.

The Chickens and Dogs trying to smear me, make anti-Semitic and racist "jokes," that are not jokes at all. It is hate speech and criminal bullying. They use their media power to squawk, whine and bully — because they lack the ability to compete fairly.

My service dog agrees.

Jane Rubin, CEO, Pro Artist
Executive Creative Director Drawing from life
First Ave. and First St.
New York City

In recent years, childish puppies in the sports-entertainment world, who have never even met me, spread stupid, sleazy lies and nicknames about me. They have also been cyber bullying and stalking me on my iPhone and laptops. THEY ARE JEALOUS. THEY ARE CRAZY. You can make a lot of fast money in mass market entertainment, but not have the talent of a serious Artist.

The people in pop culture spreading those dumb lies about me, are superficial chickens and losers. Behind their Public Relations, they are the dogs and the whores. They have the lists.

I have never had a list.

I am squeaky clean, and there is nothing that anyone could ever use against me.

That is why those creeps use the media to assassinate me...

But...they do whatever they can to keep this away from a courtroom.

Hey puppies...chickens:
Tell your lies under oath.

I already won.

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