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In my 50s — I am in better shape — then most people in their 20s.

TOP: Jane Rubin, York, PA, 2016. This is an unretouched phone photo. FACT: I wore a Size 0. Extra Small. I only weighed 105 pounds. I had just cycled many miles over York County's rough terrain. I was doing that every day. It was easy for me. My number age was 53, but my real age was many years younger.

In childhood I was being coached towards a professional dance career. I also cycled long distances. While making public art in the Pro Sports World, crazy men and women in sports-entertainment publicly lied about my body. They are funny.... Must be alcohol brain damage.

FACT: With their state-of-the-art training facilities, and an army of support people, the pro athletes I was drawing still have to retire before 45.
Even if they look physically fit, all their partying rots their insides. Women in mainstream sports-entertainment spend millions on their images and have many people helping them.

FACT: I stay fit — on my own — without wealth — and I am in great shape.
In 2016 I had been spending the summer in York, PA, with my Dad. Summer, 2016 was the last time I saw my father alive.

To wrap up these fitness facts:

Alcohol, a source of huge revenue for the sports-entertainment industry, rapidly causes brain damage, and rots your bones and liver, killing Mickey Mantle and other supposed "gods" of pro sports. While I support stricter gun control laws, alcohol abuse combined with drunk driving kills far more people, annually,
than guns.

ABOVE: Jane Rubin drawing and painting at Yankee Stadium. I am a Professional Artist who can draw an Athlete in motion, in real-time. I am NOT a sports groupie. I attended men's pro baseball and basketball games to make an original body of art, and then I went home.

Never in a million years did I expect people to pubicly slander me. That slander is simply childish envy of a talented female artist — who has never been overweight or promiscuous. That is all.

From 1999 - 2011, I was living with my common law husband, Derreck Alexander, in an entirely faithful marriage. He attended a few games with me over the years, but for the most part, he was at work, or resting at our East Village Apartment. I am a contemporary heterosexual female artist, who also supports everyone's civil and marriage rights.

I do not tell stories.

I state facts.

To anyone lying about me:

Say it under oath.

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Jane Rubin, CEO
Creative Director
Professional Artist

Photos above:

RIGHT: Jane Rubin having coffee at the Odeon Cafe,
Tribeca, Summer, 2019

LEFT: Jane Rubin drawing from life, East Village, 2017

The painting with gold background is: Andrew Dupont,
painted from life, oil on linen, copyright Jane Rubin 1995

Jane Rubin, CEO, Professional Artist
(not marilyn or ho-se)

I am a Professional Artist, Business Owner, the CEO and Creative Director of my own ad agency, which has consistently held an A-Plus Rating. Drawing people is my business. Drawing people from life is NOT a pick-up scene, but that childish, slanderous "joke" has been made many times. No one would ever make that endangering "joke" about a male artist. Throughout my career, both old-fashioned sexists and old-fashioned feminists, men and women, have tried to professionally and personally assassinate me, simply for drawing and painting men. Verbal assassination can be just as harmful as pointing a gun.

Smear Campaigns can be Deadly

That smear campaign, (motivated by envy,) has caused many strangers to be crude, harassing, and dehumanizing. During the past several years, slander — and internet crime — caused serious financial harm. Previously, I led a consistently safe and successful life, running a sophisticated advertising and design agency, to support my fine art career. Virtually all of my accounts were referred to me, no pitch needed. My paintings, drawings and multimedia art have been exhibited and published since my early 20s. Even before I graduated from Columbia University, with honors, I was already professionally exhibited. I accomplished every milestone without wealth, and competing fairly. Anyone spreading malicious slander is envious, a misogynist and a criminal.

If the dogs smearing you are billionaire dogs with media power, all they have to do is give you a sleazy nickname. People's minds are easily manipulated. Regardless of your excellent reputation, the brainwashed zombie masses are then abusive to you, on a daily basis. Propaganda is a weapon of mass destruction. A smear campaign is a loaded gun. A male artist would never be treated that way in our time.

My family is liberal and intermarried with Christians. However, since childhood, that we are Jewish has also brought on direct hate, as well as insidious defamation, from people on the right and the left.

Do not assume. That is crazy.

I can draw motion in real time. I drew and painted publicly in the Pro Sports World, from 1998 - 2012, without anyone representing me. I made this Art at Yankee Stadium, while the athletes were playing. I made this art at Men's Pro Basketball Games in New York City. I was too humble in public. I should have had my own Public Relations and Security Team.

All bullies are just insecure wimps.
All mean-girls are just insecure dogs.

People in sports-entertainment, who do not know me, spread stupid "jokes." As a result, my successful life was temporarily overturned by insecure haters, lying and bullying. Mainstream sports-entertainment people have billions of dollars, global media power, tv stations, and many corporate and government "connections." They can spread stupid "jokes" around the world 24-7, and destroy anyone's career and life.

That is what chickens do — they use their media power to squawk — because they lack the ability to compete fairly.

Thanks for the compliment!

My service dog agrees.

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