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Liverent, Senft
& Cohen

York, PA, our nation's first capital, is a birthplace of American Democracy. It also has a long history of anti-semitism and racism.

Liverent, Senft & Cohen is a York and American Landmark, a Business that contributed to the Economic, Cultural and Humanitarian Progress of York, Pennsylvania and America, over many years.

Herbert Cohen was born in York Hospital, on July 2, 1900. The son of immigrants, he attended the York City Public Schools, and was voted into the William Penn Senior High Hall of Fame. He went to Wharton on a Navy Scholarship, then law school. He became a Leading Politician and Judge in Pennsylvania, nationally renowned, from the start.

My Grandfather used to say: "Scratch the surface and you'll find an antisemite."

He could not have a Business Lunch at The Lafayette Club of York, right across the street from the Law Firm that he co-founded. The Lafayette Club did not admit Jewish or Non-White Members.

An avid Golfer, PA Attorney General and Supreme Court Judge Herbert Cohen, could not play golf at the York Country Club, nor could any Jewish Person, or Person of Color, join "The Club."

As a child and teen, I could not swim at the York Country Club. The Club did not change its membership policy until the 1990s.

Overcoming blatant antisemitism, The Cohens, and Rubins, did not hide our Jewish identity, and succeeded. While doing so, my family made civil rights for all, a priority.

The firm's name was originally Liverent, Senft, Cohen, Rubin & Stewart.

My Dad, Bud Rubin, and Attorney Robert Stewart,
were also original, founding partners, but several years after its start, Dad and Mr. Stewart, humbly removed their names, to keep the Firm's name short.

The Firm's original name and founding members should be respected and recognized.