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Core Values

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

LEFT   Jane Rubin  Size 0, 105 pounds   Unretouched iPhone Photo    2016

RIGHT   Jane Rubin  Size Petite 00: 100 pounds   Unretouched iPhone Photo    2012

It is important to speak up about this, on behalf of others who are body bullied, sometimes to death.

We all like to look good. That is not superficial: healthy body, heathy mind. For me this means being fit and stylish, but not obsessing about image, as too many people do. There are those whose for whom the only job title is: "Insecure Bully."

How to Stop Funny, Delusional (Insecure) Bullies

Say something.

When I painted in the sports-entertainment world from 1998 - 2012, I was surrounded by some folks for whom image is everything. They obsess about their own image and the labels they are wearing in an ostentatious way. They hate on other people's images. Funny puppies...about all they do is PR. They are famous for being famous, and mean-spirited, for 15 seconds.

However, as a result of "hater" slander about my body, I temporarily became anorexic.

Big, Fat PR Machines...And Their Bigoted Hot Air

People with big, fat PR Machines — while I do not have one — have relentlessly compared my body type to women with entirely different frames. The comparison is often to white anglo-saxon women. I have literally been bullied online and in person, in horribly racist and anti-semitic ways, similar to Nazi propaganda. There has actually been a crazy, childish and bigoted attempt to rebrand me as an overweight Hispanic or Black Man. Internalizing that bigotry, some Hispanic and Black Men have taken part in this "joke." It is not a joke. It is aggravated harassment and a hate crime.

My body and fitness have been lied about in delusional ways, for several years. In reality, my physical age is many years younger than my chronological age. In the photo on the left I am in my early 50s. I had just cycled about 20 miles without breaking a sweat.

During 2011, too rapidly, I dropped 20 pounds. I am 5-foot 4-inches. For about two years I weighed from 98 - 103. My body fat was assessed at less than 10 percent by a national athletic coach who warned me that my health was being harmed, as did my physician. My family was also traumatized by the loser nut jobs who were attacking me, although my elderly parents did not realize that they were also being victimized.

Both of these photos above were shot on my iPhone. The flat lense on a phone camera always causes distortion and makes one appear at least 10 pounds heavier than in
real life.

Although I appear to be slightly bloated in the photo on the right, I actually weighed less than I did in the photo on the left. Also, because I have a small frame — as one can see from my tiny wrists — when I consume anything, it temporarily shows. That is not fat.

I have been a Painter, Dancer, Cyclist and Musician since early childhood. This shows in my muscular legs and core. I do not have a strong upper body. No one ever picked me for the softball team. I was not strong enough to hit anything.

While I have muscular, dancer legs, my body type and body chemistry are feminine.

I have worn a Petite or Small my entire life.