Photos of Harry Jay Rubin, playing the clarinet in childhood, and in his law office in York, PA in adulthood, overlaying photo of the courtroom of the United States Supreme Court, where Harry Jay Rubin argued two constituional law cases, including Moose Lodge v. Irvis, representing African American PA State Congressman Leroy Irvis.

Harry Jay Rubin — The Greatest Shortstop — Ever

Logical mind. Musical soul.

My middle-class Father spent his life courageously standing up for other people's civil rights — while being so humble and self-effacing that bad actors were able to traumatize him (and his daughter) repeatedly. His death was wrongful.

In fact — my Dad may have been murdered on March 18th, 2018.

In 2019 — Pennsylvania Department of Health Surveyor Cheyenne Ricker — and her supervisor — told me that my Dad's death was a "police matter."

Here are a few of many national and local articles covering Dad's work. I will be adding many more and more family photos. He never shared any of this and did not want any attention for himself.

Photos of Harry Jay Rubin, playing the clarinet in childhood, and in his law office in York, PA in adulthood, overlaying photo of the courtroom of the United States Supreme Court, where Harry Jay Rubin argued two constituional law cases, including Moose Lodge v. Irvis, representing African American PA State Congressman Leroy Irvis.

Bud Rubin's unexpected death on March 18th, 2018 — was a wrongful one.

His death may also have been the result of homicide.

The perpetrators of the ongoing hate crimes, defamation, and corruption against me also traumatized my Jewish Father repeatedly — worsening his neurological illness. Both of my elderly parents have also been victims of the crimes against me.

Around 2012 — at the same time that I became a crime and defamation victim while making art in the Pro Sports World — my Dad strangely developed a rare neurological disease — Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

Up to that point — Bud Rubin had been a slow-aging Superman who was virtually never sick — not even with a cold.

Also, he was not in the category of people who are mostly likely to contract PSP — nor did it run in his family.

After filing a complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Health in 2019 — I was advised by Cheyenne Ricker — the Home Health Division Surveyor who investigated — and her Supervisor — that Bud Rubin's death was "a police matter."

I have discussed the matter on the phone with Sergeant Detective Wade Barley at the York PA Regional Police, and I will be going to York to file the complaint and initiate an investigation. My mother has metastatic breast cancer — but she supports me in this.

Everyone in our family — as well as a Partner at my Dad's firm — were shocked when he suddenly died. He had been doing alright.

In the days before his death, his usual nurse, Nancy, and York Hospital personnel, and my mother — and he, himself — told me over the phone that he was alright — and that I did not need to rush to York to see him.

Then — an unknown nurse showed up at my parents' house on Tall Oaks Lane in York, on March 18th, 2018.

As soon as that new, unknown nurse — was alone with my Dad — he died.

That morning, in New York City, I had been in the Starbucks on 3rd Avenue between 27th and 28th with my laptop getting some work done.

As stated, I had just spoken with my Dad in the preceding days. He and everyone else had told me that he was stable.

While at Starbucks that morning — on my LinkedIn page — I posted a link to the U.S. Department of Justice website page covering "Conspiracy Against Rights." On LinkedIn I was discussing the ongoing crime, corruption and defamation victimizing me and my family — since I made art in the Pro Sports World — too humbly — with no one protecting me.

A couple of hours after posting on LinkedIn — I phoned home — to see how my Dad was. My mother answered the phone, in shock. Speaking slowly she said: "Your father died 40 minutes ago."

My mother had been up with him for a couple of days. The new, unknown nurse who showed up that day told her she could get some rest. Minutes after she left him alone with that nurse, he died."

The last time I saw my Father alive was Summer 2016.

In 2019 — after I filed a complaint with the Division of Home Health of the PA Department of Health — Cheyenne Ricker — the Surveyor assigned to the case — went to Home Instead of York — who had been taking care of my Dad for some time.

However — Home Instead personnel lied to Cheyenne Ricker — telling her that my Dad had not been in their care. They falsely claimed that Grane Hospice had been taking care of him.

Ms. Ricker checked with Grane — they had no record of Bud Rubin. Ms. Ricker questioned Home Instead again — and they then changed their story.

FYI — even before Ms. Ricker had conducted her investigation — in 2018 I told a few NYPD Detectives/Officers that my Dad had suddenly died when left alone with the nurse (who was not his usual nurse) — and they all agreed that my Dad's death should be investigated.

My Jewish Father — and I — shared a love for our pets.

We both enjoyed training and walking our Miniature Schnauzer and Toy Poodle.

Trust me — I am going to ensure that my humble, heroic Father is remembered and honored.

My Father was so self-effacing that he told my mother he did not even want a memorial service and wanted no one to commemorate his life.

My Father was suffering with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, and he was traumatized by the evil being done to all of us.

His daughter, Jane Rubin, is going to ensure that his life is celebrated and shared.

Harry Jay Rubin — played the clarinet with naturally beautiful tone — and could have had a professional music career — but he was overly humble about his musical talent.

He was multi-talented — so he had two vocations — sensitive Clarinetist at night — and unflappable Attorney — seven days a week — at two law firms — of which he was a founding partner.

Politically — it is accurate to say that Bud Rubin was ahead of his time. A Democrat — he was progressive about civil rights — and he was virtually an absolutist about free speech. However, I want to emphasize that while his views were progressive — my Dad was not an intolerant left-wing reactionary. While he prioritized civil rights for people of color — he also knew that any group is capable of bigotry and discrimination. My parents and grandparents were liberal reformers who stood for everyone's constitutional rights. If a Republican were a target of hate, my parents and grandparents would defend that person's rights as well.

A recognized expert on complex multi-state taxation — Bud Rubin supported progressive taxation policy. While he was a law-abiding American Capitalist — he was a liberal and compassionate one: My Dad believed that corporations and the ultra-wealthy should be taxed at a higher rate.

My Father's community work was extensively focused on improving education, healthcare, and housing for those living in poverty.

Bud Rubin quietly worked to empower people to rise up — through their own agency, creativity, and intellect.

New article about 27-year old 'Boy Wonder' Harry Jay Rubin, Deputy Attorney General in the Pennsylvania Department of Justice in the 1950s and photo of Harry Rubin.

Superman and Superman.
Not Boy Wonder.

Soon after graduating from Yale Law School, Harry Jay Rubin was hired by Pennsylvania Attorney General Herbert Cohen (my Grandfather) — as a Deputy Attorney General in the PA Department of Justice.

Dad was still in his 20s — he was no "Deputy."

Bud Rubin was as formidable as my extroverted, power-hitting Grandfather.

While my Dad was a virile and handsome man— barely sick one day in his life — before his wrongful illness — and never seemed to age — as the people at his firm would say to me...

Bud Rubin was not just another vain, loud image-marketer.

The opposite was the case.

While he powerfully stood up for the rights of others — he was introverted and shy about himself.

Bud Rubin was an unshakable rock — as anyone who knew him would confirm.

In the 1960s, he was a founding partner of Liverent, Senft, Cohen, Rubin & Stewart at 100 East Market Street in York, PA, which was shortened to Liverent, Senft & Cohen — because my Dad and Bob Stewart humbly said to shorten the name for business purposes.

In the early 1970s he was also a founding partner of Krekstein, Rubin & Lasday in Harrisburg. He was a senior partner at both his York and Harrisburg firms simultaneously.

Bud Rubin chaired the Tax Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He was a member of the National Association of State Bar Tax Sections. He was on the board of editors of the Journal of Multistate Taxation.

Bud Rubin argued two cases in the United States Supreme Court.

In addition to Moose Lodge v. Irvis in 1972 — on behalf of the State of Pennsylvania he argued "Two Guys from Harrison-Allentown, Inc. v. McGinley" in SCOTUS in 1961.

Anti-Semites — in pop culture — the art world — politics — business — and academia — have continuously and slanderously insinuated and whined that I had a "rich jew-daddy" who spoiled me.


They are jealous idiots.

Small-time bigots.

My Father was not rich.

Three decades of false and destructive "Jewish Princess" defamation has gone on in my life — without me saying anything about it.

That is due to the fact that my family and I were surrounded by anti-Semitic bigotry in York County that was so constant and omnipresent that my family and I — for generations — stood up for everyone else's civil rights — except our own.

Enough is enough.

Harry Jay Rubin was not rich — and his parents were not rich.

Bud Rubin grew up in a middle-class household in Brownville, PA where he attended public school.

He graduated Valedictorian from Brownsville High School.

In addition to being intellectually gifted — Bud Rubin was a talented clarinetist.

Bud Rubin was also a talented athlete.

He ran track — and held a Pittsburgh-area record in the 400.

Bud Rubin prioritized — his family — his music — equal rights — justice and compassion.

My Father never prioritized his own material wealth.

In fact — due to the anti-Semitism that surrounded us in York County, PA — my Dad avoided wealth — not wanting to be associated with anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish People and money.

He raised his children to have — a strong work ethic — a job — and to compete fairly.

Furthermore — my Father never helped me to create anything.

He raised his children to create independently.