Photos of slim, physically fit Jane Rubin wearing a Size 0 in York PA in 2016 and Jane Rubin peforming an arabesque on the beach in 2010.

New music — and duets with my father.

"Peace" is an original musical score in progress. This excerpt is from the orchestral version. There is also a hard rock version.

Jane Rubin is composing all of the instrumental parts. No sampling. This excerpt is being played by the music notation app that Jane is using to compose the music — so it sounds robotic. In the future, Jane will play and record the music live.

FACTS — Not stories:

My Dad — Bud Rubin — played the clarinet beautifully. Occasionally, he performed — with the York Symphony and with his adult coach — Ignatius Genusa — who told Dad that he had professional talent and sensitivity. Iggy Genusa encouraged Dad to perform more often — but my Father was overly humble as well as gifted in both music and law. Were it not for his extreme humility — my Father would have had his own professional music career.

I began playing the piano in early childhood and was blessed to have inherited musicality both from my Father and from my mother's side of the family. My mother's first cousin was the Broadway and Movie Score Composer Mark "Moose" Charlap. There are a number of professional musicians in my family. My cousins (Bill Charlap and Todd and Jed Levy) play classical and jazz music. Their styles are more traditional than mine.

I compose my own music and sound — not in any standard form — and what I compose is connected to my visual art and choreography to form a whole.

Wells Gemberling — my piano instructor in York, PA — was obsessively pushing me toward a classical music career. I began to give classical recitals in childhood. I also played jazz keyboards with the respected York High Jazz Band. Other talented teen musicians in the York High Band became professional jazz musicians. However — I did not enjoy playing any type of music composed by someone else — and my primary art forms were Dance and Painting.

The only times I saw my Father cry were — when I quit playing the piano in my early teens — and when his gentle, petite mother — Ruth Cooper Rubin — passed away.

In 2010 — when I began choreographing — I also started to compose my own music. Recently — in honor of my musical — but overly humble father — this has included Clarinet-Piano Duets.

Photos at top of page are: Jane Rubin in 2016 at the First Presbyterian Church of York, PA — where I gave a recital when I was 10 — and Bud Rubin in childhood — circa late 1930s or early '40s — in Brownsville, PA — playing the clarinet. My Dad went to Brownsville public schools where he played clarinet in the band — ran track competitively and held a Pittsburgh-area record in the 400 — and graduated valedictorian.