Photos of physically fit, Size 0 Jane Rubin walking the dog, and Jane's faithfully married parents, and Dereck Alexander and Jane Rubin, faithful couple.

Dancer who paints — and composes music.

Jane Rubin's — athletic coordination — dance training — and muscle memory — enable her to draw and paint other people while they are in motion — in real time.

Jane Rubin is a Professional Artist and a highly self-disciplined person.

Jane Rubin is not a groupie.

Jane Rubin is never wild.

Jane Rubin has never been overweight one day in her life.

Jane Rubin has never been "crazy" — Jane has never had a chronic mental illness.

Jane Rubin — a 21st Century Professional Female Artist — should not have to mention any of this.

Jane Cohen Rubin — has been the target — of a smear campaign, criminal torture, and mentally ill delusions about her and her art — for over 3 decades.

Jane Rubin — a cisgender, straight, biolologically feminine woman and law-abiding United States Citizen — has been the target of anti-Straight, misogynist, and anti-Semitic hate crimes and defamation for over 3 decades.

Due to Jane Rubin's interracial relationship with Derreck Alexander and Jane's multi-cultural-themed paintings and drawings — the hate crimes and smear campaign have also been racist — injuring Derreck Alexander as well.

The perpetrators are ultra-wealthy sports and entertainment exectuvies, celebrities, people in government, and at corporations.

Due to the fact that Jane Rubin is not wealthy, and Jane Rubin's parents were not wealthy, and Derreck Alexander is also not wealthy, the severely harmful crimes and defamation against Jane Rubin (which also egregiously injured Jane's parents and Derreck Alexander) also constitute unfair competition against Jane Rubin — who is a law-abiding U.S. Citizen — who has been unable to afford legal and public relations protection.

Jane Rubin has also been overly humble and trusting throughout her career.

The perpetrators include:

Wealthy, mass-market athletes, entertainers, sports-entertainment executives, corporate executives in other industries, members of the federal government — including at least one United States President — mass media venues, and public and private institutions.

Email to see indisputable evidence already provided to local and federal law enforcement.

Corrupt law enforcement employees are some of the perpetrators of the crimes and defamation against Jane Rubin.

Justice is being obstructed.

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