Paintings and drawings of New York Yankee Players created by Jane Rubin at Yankee Stadium, while the athletes were motion.

This page is currently being edited and updated with visual documentation. Due to the severe, repeated and ongoing trauma and injury to me and to my family — since I made art at New York Yankees Games — and at Men's Basketball Games — I am taking my time with this. When I talk about myself in the 3rd person it is not to be pretentious. It is a way of asserting myself — gaining emotional distance — and control.

You can request to see the evidence that the — NYPD — FBI — Manhattan DA — US Attorney SDNY — and DOJ Inspector General — already have — and that they are sitting on — justice is being obstruted.


While painting and drawing Derek Jeter — at Yankees Games — I became a serial victim of traumatizing crime and slander. The perpetrators do not know me personally. They are narcissistic abusers — with a lot of wealth and power — and they have delusions about me. Derek Jeter — his dogged mean-girl associates — mk and hd — whom I had never heard of before — Charles and Dorothy Jeter — The Steinbrenners — the YES Network — The Players Tribune — Barack Obama — and numerous other men, women, and institutions in their cohort — have colluded on crimes, corruption, and defamation — against me — an assault on my professional and personal life — that injured me physically — and continuously traumatizes me — and endangers me — and prevented me from having a child — and severely traumatized my elderly parents — and contributed to my Father's death.

Their mentally ill — bigoted — misogynist — envious — obsession — with assaulting my mind, body, and soul — is still going on.


If you would like to see indisputable evidence already provided to law enforcement — and confirmation by experts — that I am mentally healthy — contact me. I have never had a chronic/major mental illness. I have never had a substance abuse issue nor does anyone in my family. I have also been a law-abiding, honest American Citizen my entire life. My honesty has been commended in writing.

The — crazy — illegal — excuse — that the crazy perpetrators have been giving — is that they are "helping me out" and "figuring me out."

No — they are not.

They are — delusional strangers — who fantasize that I am bisexual — based on art of mine from the 1980s — and a few frigid — depressing — and traumatizing — experiences I had — with women during that time.

I am Straight.

As Derreck Alexander can confirm — I naturally respond to men — and only to men — (more so than most women) — when I am with a man who is treating me respectfully and is my type.

I do not respond to women.

I was also sexually molested by a woman — at an off-campus Columbia University party — while I was on a date with a man — in the early 1980s — and I was sexually assaulted by women in childhood — a fact that I have testified about under oath — and my mother and cousins can confirm.

Sexual aggression and intimacy — from other women — sickens and traumatizes me.

That is not a judgement of anyone else's lifestyle — I have always supported lgtbq rights and marriage — long before Obama, Biden, or the Clintons.

But I am Straight — and aggression from other women is harmful to me — because I am a sexual abuse survivor — and the abusers were female.

Derek Jeter — The Steinbrenners — Barack Obama — — are not allowed to — torture — smear — intimidate — coerce — steal from — threaten — and — traffick — a U.S. Citizen — to alter her sexual identity — and to force her into unwanted acdc sexual slavery — regardless of what my identity is.

Because I am — a biologically born — hormonally feminine — heterosexual woman — their crimes — are anti-Straight hate crimes.

However — in terms of their federal crimes against me — and my family — it does not matter what my identity is — none of them are allowed to do it.

Also — Derek Jeter — and his b-list mean-girl sidekicks — mk and hd — who have been using their media power to tell neo-nazi "jokes" about me and to dehumanize me — are the actual "dirty dogs" — compared to me.

They all party.

I do not party.

My personal life — is conservative — compared to all of them.

My art does not represent my real life.

They simply have a lot of mass media power and money — so they have been able to spread — deadly slander — about my personal life — my body — and my identity — for over a decade.

They are — envious — bigots — and misogynyists.

My entire — law-abiding — Jewish-American family — and I — have patriotically contributed to the USA — since the 1800s.

The Rubins and Cohen do not break laws — or smear others — or compete unfairly.

The perpetrators do.

This is why they — really — have been harming Jane Cohen Rubin:

1. To protect — Derek Jeter — and his sidekicks

2. Envy of a talented fine artist — and her talented family — who were too humble — not wealthy — and unprotected

3. Anti-Semitism

4. To get rid of Jane Rubin

Focus on this:

While they avoid using my real name — and obstruct justice —

I do use their names — because I am stating facts.

I will state everything under oath in a court of law.

I will take a polygraph test.

I never lie.

Justice is being obstructed.

The — NYPD — FBI — Manhattan DA — and U.S. Attorney SDNY — already have enough indisuptable evidence from me — to question and indict the perpetrators — but they have been negligent — and in some cases directly abusive to me.

In 2013 — my building was vandalized in a frightening and threatening way. When I called 911 — I was literally a victim of police brutality — which I reported to NYPD Internal Affairs and to the Civilian Review Board. That sequence of events severely traumatized me. Then — in the Beth Israel ER — I was again severely traumatized — and endangered — by malpractice.

The defrauding of my Citibank Account in 2016 was a felony. Detective Michael Lampman was assigned to investigate it — but the 9th precinct wrongly entered it as misdemeanor — and Detective Lampman was unprofessional and then retired.

At times — FBI personnel have been verbally abusive and slanderous to me — when I occasionally phone — to see why no one follows-up with me — about the indisputable evidence — already provided to them.

I have made complaints to NYPD Internal Affairs — and to the DOJ Inspector General.

Initially — there was follow-up from NYPD IA — but they did not resolve the NYPD misconduct reported to them — and I have not heard back from the Inspector General's office.

The crimes and defamation prevented me from having a child.

In my late 40s and early 50s — I was still fertile.

My blood tests in my late 40s also showed that I had healthy eggs.

I am an unusually slow ager — and I had an unusually high degree of feminine fertility.

As my OBGYN will confirm — I could have had my own baby in my late 40s and early 50s.

However — the continual crimes and defamation against me prevented that.

No one is above the law.

Derek Jeter — and his mean-girl sidekicks — and anyone who colluded — are not shielded from facing prosecution.

If it were my Grandfather — Justice Cohen — saying that — the perpetrators would be unmasked.

But I am a Woman — so the psychosis of others towards me is being allowed.

If Herbert Cohen were alive — to indict and judge the perps — no one would be treating this as a game. The perpetrators would already be in prison. No one would be joking.

The misogyny is obvious.

If I actually were a man or masculine — the sadistic aggression toward me would not be happening.

They are exploiting a progressive storyline — to con the public.

Derek Jeter — his sidekicks — and proxies — have NOT been "helping me out."

Derek Jeter — his sidekicks — and proxies — have NOT been "figuring me out."

That is just the phoney story that they shill to the public.

They have been using their media power — to brainwash the masses — into believing that they are allowed to criminally abuse and assassinate me — to out me as bi.


They are not.

I am Straight.

But it also does not matter what my identity is.

They are not allowed to criminally abuse me.

There is no "magic" and "destiny" going on.

Just a lot of psychotic narcissism and corruption.

The real reason that they have been assaulting me — for over a decade is this:

During the time period that I was making art of him:

Derek Jeter broke laws harassing and bullying me.

And I was frightened and traumatized.

So I reported crimes to the NYPD — including an obscene message that Derek Jeter left for me at 12:42 AM — after a Yankees Game in July 2012.

His obscene voicemail — in which he was imitiating a Russian — and called himself "Boris" — was heard by PA Brown at the 9th precinct.

NYPD Report: 2012-009-004668

To protect Derek Jeter and his brand —

And to "eliminate" me:

There has been continual criminal abuse of me — and a smear campaign — against me.

Their 8th-grade mobbing and assassination of me — is probably politically motivated — George Steinbrenner may have started it.

Due to my political contributions — since childhood — and my family's political contributions — people fantasized that I was going to run for President.

That hypothesis sounded crazy to me — as I became an Artist — not a politician.

It is the perpetrators who have delusions of grandeur about themselves — not I.

However — preventing Ivy League Honors Grad Jane Rubin — from beating Playboy Derek Jeter — who has cruised and partied his entire career — in a political contest — has also been a motive — for forcing me to the bottom and for maintaining abusive control over my life.

The criminal behavior and defamation — harming me — began while George Steinbrenner was still alive — and it is possible that he took part in implementing it. That is plausible — given his track record as someone who was indicted for federal crimes during the 1960s — and later thrown out of baseball for more corrupt behavior against one of his own players.

George Streinbrenner and The Jeters — and others in politics and business — may have paranoiacally worried that I was going to run for President.

So — a supposedly tricky strategy of "love-bombing" me — while at the same time — stalking — traumatizing — and smearing me — was put into place.

Facts about Jane Cohen Rubin

I have never been — promiscuous — wild — or overweight.

I do not use drugs. I rarely drink alcohol.

I have never had a chronic mental illness or an addiction.

I have never broken a law.

I have never been disloyal to the USA — in any way — and it is disgusting — beyond words — that — dirty — evil — crazy — un-American — creeps — have been so desperate — that they have repeatedly tried to make me look suspicious — by making "jokes" in the media and by planting unknown Russians — who were falsely claiming to work for my ad agency — on my LinkedIn Company Profile — which was done three times between 2012 and 2020 — in 2012 — LinkedIn tried to tell me that "Boris Bolychevsky" may have just made a mistake — but they allowed that — unknown — Russian to remain — falsely — listed on my employee page until 2013 — when they finally blocked him — it is possible that LinkedIn and Microsoft have also been colluding — there was also abusive and criminal behavior — that intimidated and traumatized me — over Skype — in 2012 — and perhaps earlier — and I have been — tracked — hacked — spied on — and stalked — over my iPhones for over a decade — so Apple is probably colluding as well — in 2014 I began reporting the numerous federal crimes against me to the FBI — no reply — and I filed a complaint withthe DOJ Inspector General in 2020 — no reply.

My family was middle-class — not rich.

I have always achieved — fairly and honestly — with my own real talents and intellect.

There is nothing — real — to smear me with.

No one is ever allowed to — electronically stalk — traumatize — steal from — and torture — a United States Citizen to alter her identity and to coerce her into unwanted sex and labor.

There is no valid basis for stalking me.

There is no valid basis for — the bigoted, envious slander — that was spread about Jane Cohen Rubin — a law-abiding American Citizen and Professional Artist from York, Pennsylvania.

There never was.