The Rubin Family Home at 919 McKenzie Street, York, PA,
																								and Jane Rubin, Artist, in New York City in 2019
Jane Rubin and her Jewish Family were too humble.

Jane Rubin's family, The Rubins and The Cohens, have contributed patriotically to American Culture, Politics, and Civil Rights for generations.

Because they were not rich, they could not protect themselves from the corruption that has harmed them.

There is no gaudy mansion to boast about. We were not a wealthy family. Even if we were, we would never have boasted about it. We were a middle-class, Reform Jewish Family, living in South Central Pennsylvania on the Maryland border, where there was only a tiny Jewish population compared to any large city. My sisters and I were the only Jewish children in the entire York City Public School System. In the 1800s, my mother's family left St. Petersburg, Russia to find greater opportunity and freedom in the United States. They emigrated to the York area.

In York, our nation's first capital, my great-grandparents faced more anti-Semitism. Jews were barred from owning property in some parts of town and barred from joining York's private clubs. There was also an active KKK in York County. That ostracism and hate continued in my childhood. This was an everyday part of my life: I would be playing with my best friend up the street, whose parents I referred to as my "Uncle" and "Aunt," but when he went to The York Country Club to swim, I had to go home. No Jews allowed.

My liberal, Reform Jewish Family, along with their close African American friends — who were family to me — were leaders of the civil rights movement in York and in Pennsylvania.

However, in York we were between a rock and a hard place.

While people of color in York's inner city were victims of York's racism, they themselves were often anti-Semitic.

I heard frequent anti-Semitic hate speech at school, from all races. In fifth grade, I was beaten up by a group of African American girls while they were calling me a "kike." As we walked down Cottage Street towards our piano lessons, I shielded my little sister with my own body, while I was being punched.

That is just one of many anti-Semitic hate crimes and hate incidents that happened to me in the York, PA City Schools, some of it perpetrated by faculty members. The militant side of intersectional theory is a false generalization. The majority, whoever it is, is often bigoted towards the other.

I cannot speak for my older sister, who also spent ten years in the York City Schools. However, for me, it was dangerous and traumatizing on a daily basis. During the ten years I was at Jackson Elementary School, Hannah Penn Middle School, and William Penn Senior High, there were many incidents of sadistic abuse, anti-Semitic hate, and talented-gifted bullying, from students and from faculty.

Because I was also a dancer and gymnast — athletically coordinated — and considered to be attractive — because I did not "look like a Jew" — paradoxically, I was also popular with many of my peers.

David Spriggle, the most popular boy at Hannah Penn, chased me. He had a classmate hand me a love note asking me to "go with him," which I did.

Growing up in the York City Schools, along with ballet, made me tough at a young age.

My hormones are feminine. I did not play soccer. I did not play any sport. I was not aggressive.

My toughness is the result of growing up in a violent, bigoted environment in York, PA, where I was a feminine girl who had to defend myself with my mouth.

On the other hand, I did not want to attend the all-white, affluent suburban schools, where the students were often bigoted as well, both anti-Semitic and racist. In high school, my older sister and I both ended up going away to George School, a liberal Quaker Boarding School.

While I always stand up to anti-Semites and refuse to change my Jewish last name, paradoxically, Judaism is not my cultural identity.

My family is assimilated, not religious. My grandfather's brother, Milton Cohen, married a Protestant, Pennsylvania German woman, Augusta Rietz. While we attended Temple Beth Israel of York on the High Holy Days — my great-grandfather was a founder — and although we lit Hanukkah candles, our big family celebration each year was at Christmas. When I moved to New York City to be an Artist and to attend Columbia University, I felt no instinctual affinity with big city Jewish people. Long Island feels like a foreign country to me. It never feels natural for me at a Jewish gathering, so I rarely attend anything Jewish.

In York, my upbringing was in German-Anglo and Black Culture. I was a talented ballet dancer, but I moved well to any type of music. We would have Soul Train parties after school. Everyone would cheer and tell me: "You don't move like a white girl," or — get this — as a compliment my peers would say: "You don't look like a Jew."

I did not spend any significant time around Jewish people until I was fifteen years old. That is when Jeffrey Lubitz, my first serious boyfriend, chased me.

I am Straight.

I also support LGBTQ rights and same sex marriage. I have always supported same sex marriage, (no evolution needed). I have always supported relationships and marriage between two consenting adults of any race, religion or orientation. I have done so publicly since the 1980s.

However, my body only responds to men.

Jeff Lubitz, now an attorney in Rhode Island, can testify about my natural, heterosexual response in court, as can Charles Field, with whom I lived in Los Angeles in the late 1980s, Vahan Nahabedian, with whom I lived at 212 Forsythe Street on the Lower East Side in the early to mid-90s, and Derreck Alexander, with whom I lived from 1999 - 2011 at 51 First Avenue, in the East Village. Happy to state those facts under oath, which they can confirm.

Additionally, I am a child sexual assault survivor: I was assaulted by two females and a male (not family) when I was 9 years old, on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. One of the females endangered my life a second time. As my mother can confirm, all of the perpetrators were fired.

In addition to the fact that I am straight, in my childhood, adult females and female peers were perpetrators of sexual abuse, violence and life endangerment. Therefore, aggression or intimacy from other women is re-traumatizing, sickening and depressing for me. (That has no impact on how I would relate to a daughter. I would love my own daughter unconditionally, of course).

Foolish people in pop culture — gutlessly lying about me with their media power, and perpetrating crimes that have repeatedly harmed me, and traumatized my deceased father, — would never repeat their lies and excuses for crime under oath.

Anti-Semitism is pervasive in Pop Culture.

Since the 1980s, Jane has been a target of anti-Semitic bullying, talented-gifted bullying, libel, slander, crime, and corruption.

Jane Cohen Rubin, a middle-class Jewish Girl from York, PA, naively — and too humbly — made art in the Sports and Entertainment World on her own — without protecting herself.

Pop culture entertainers, athletes, politicians, art world professionals, and academics — most of them total strangers — have propagated false, anti-Semitic "jewish princess" and "rich jew-daddy" stereotypes about Jane Rubin. They have exploited commonly held anti-semitic stereotypes to gain support for beating Jane down with defamation, discrimination, cyberbullying, and theft.

A federal court proceeding — to deconstruct the anti-Semitic, misogynist defamation, bullying, and bigotry of past (and perhaps present) members of the NY Yankee Organization towards Jane Rubin — and to hold them — and those who have colluded — accountable, is necessary and just.

Their junior-high strategy was to "love-bomb" the Nice Jewish Girl, Jane Rubin, while simultaneously using their media power and inside connections to assassinate, smear, spy on, and traumatize Jane.

The junior-high-mob put their unoriginal scheme into place — in order to prevent Jane Rubin from running for President — and to protect a Yankee Baseball Hero and his entourage — at the expense of Professional Fine Artist Jane Rubin and her relatively unprotected, middle-class, Jewish family.

Since making art in the front rows at Yankee Games from 2006 - 2012, there has been a desperate effort to destroy Jane Rubin's reputation, financial stability and sanity. (I was never going to run. Don't have the time. I am an Artist).

Perhaps it was George Steinbrenner who initiated that scheme. That would not be a stretch. George was indicted by the FBI in the 1960s, pardoned by Reagan, and then kicked out of baseball for hiring gambler Howie Spira to smear Dave Winfield. Perhaps, as soon as Jane Rubin started to make art in the front rows at Yankee Stadium, in 2006, she instantly became the target of Steinbrenner Paranoia and Corruption, as well as the target of Derek Jeter's supposedly tricky mastery — nothing tricky about Derek Jeter's head games — which are actually just the paranoid, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive mental health problems of a hard partying playboy with political ambitions — who feels castrated by his own parents — who exhibits both rebelliousness towards his parochial school upbringing and shame about his wild ways — who has a persecution complex which drives him to be Hitler-esque — and who obsessively takes all of that out on the Nice Jewish Girl — Jane Rubin — about whom he has obsessive delusions — based on Jane's early art and a libelous article about Jane published in Klik Magazine (from 1988) — and...

Derek Jeter imagined that Jane was rejecting him when he publicly romanced her in 2011. Ergo, to protect the Derek Jeter brand, since the start of 2012, Jane has been bullied and smeared.

The conventional, pop culture types with whom Derek Jeter associates exhibit the same sociopathic narcissism, delusions of grandeur about themselves, delusions about Jane Rubin — whom they do not know and never will. Jane Rubin is a Talented, Professional American Artist, and Jane is a more Talented Natural Athlete than any of them — she is not their "fan".

Additionally, many of them — people in mainstream pop culture — not on the fringes — push the same anti-Semitic stereotypes: clever Jews, funny Jews, geeky Jews, backstage Jews, jewish money, jewish princesses, and an anti-Semitic obsession with slandering Israel, which is, in fact, the historical homeland of the Jewish People — Jesus Christ was one of them.

None of it is just a joke. In fact, it is deadly.

When people with that level of media power tell public demeaning "jokes" about an unprotected American, who is not rich, who does not have media power, their "jokes" can kill — and they know it.

Collectively, those responsible include: Derek Jeter, his family, women in pop culture associated with Derek Jeter, YES Network broadcasters, and, Jane has been told, Hal Steinbrenner. It seems apparent that Randy Levine, while he is Jewish, has also profiled Jane Rubin in anti-Semitic and misogynist ways. American Jewish People who have become wealthy and successful in sports and entertainment have often done so by promoting mainstream anti-Semitic stereotypes. There has also been collusion and/or obstruction of justice by people in government and corporate life.

Their unfair competition practices make steroids look like cough syrup.

My entire family and I were naive about sports-entertainment world corruption and narcissism. We were too humble and too decent.

The deep state in America is not a political party. It is the Mainstream Sports and Entertainment World.

"The economy, stupid," as James Carville once frankly stated.

If the perpetrators were anyone else — they would have been arrested and imprisoned by now.

Artist Jane Rubin, and by extension, her family, have been the Jewish targets of crime, corruption and defamation — perpetrated — not by extremists — perpetrated by mainstream pop culture personalities — in sports, entertainment, and perhaps in government — who are being protected as a result of corruption.

If the perpetrators were anyone else — no one would listen to their crazy, narcissistic delusions about Jane Rubin — no one would accept the excuse that torturing and traumatizing Jane Rubin, her deceased father, and her elderly mother (a cancer survivor) is valid in order to force Jane to become bisexual.

Jane Rubin is a Professional Artist and a law-abiding American Citizen.

She has achieved on the basis of her own real talents and intellect.

She has competed fairly and honestly at all times in her life.

The Rubins and Cohens compete fairly.

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Jane Rubin, CEO, Creative Director, Artist