Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996
Harry Jay Rubin, father of Jane Rubin, was the attorney representing Leroy Irvis in the U.S. Supreme Court in Mooe Lodge v Irvis in 1972, which he argued pro bono, and he was a gifted clarinetist who could have had a musical career, but was too humble.
My Dad — Bud Rubin — would not approve of me commemorating him.

He did not even want a memorial service. He was overly humble. He was not materially wealthy.

But he was both heroic and nurturing — I am so grateful for that.

He represented African American PA Congressman Leroy Irvis — pro bono — in Moose Lodge v. Irvis in SCOTUS in 1972. After evacuating us due to Hurricane Agnes — a major hurricane that struck York, PA in '72 — my father stayed in York — to bravely finish his work on the case while protecting our home.

Bud Rubin was also a talented musician who was told — by Ignatius Gennusa — that he could have had a professional music career — and that he had more natural talent and musicality than some full-time clarinetists. When he was in public high school in Brownsville, PA, Bud Rubin won a state-wide virtuoso clarinet competition and played on Pittsburgh radio — but my Dad was overly self-effacing. He only performed occassionally — although we were blessed to hear him play for hours in our home. He was also athletically talented and held a Pittsburgh-area track record.

Anti-Semitic slander, libel, and stereotypes — caused my talented but overly humble Father — and other family members — to avoid wealth and to downplay media attention. There are many news articles about family members — literally hundreds of articles were written about my Grandfather, Herbert Cohen, from his 20s to his death in 1970 — and many articles were published about my Dad — who — at 27 years old — was referred to as "Boy Wonder" by the Harrisburg press — and covered nationally during the Moose Lodge Case. However, no one in my family ever saved clippings, sent out press packages, or hired a PR firm.

Additionally, we did not protect ourselves from bad actors.