This multimedia show of Jane Rubin painting and drawing live at Yankee Stadium from 2006 - 2012, and her art of baseball players, is being updated. Jane Rubin was a Selected Artist in The Whitney Museum Program in her 20s. She was an exhibited Professional Artist years before she attended her first Yankee Game. Nevertheless, while the YES Network repeatedly showed Jane on TV, making art at games from 2006 - 2012, they never told viewers who she was. That neglect caused viewers to wrongly assume that Jane was a groupie. (Jane was alone at most games, while her boyfriend was at work). Additionally, Jane has worn a Size Small or Petite her entire life. Jane has never been overweight. However, Jane had put distorted snapshots of herself — that made her look 10 - 20 pounds heavier than she was — on this website. As a result, malicious, delusional people in sports and entertainment spread junior-high-slander about her body and identity.