Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996

Whitney Museum of American Art ISP Exhibition
Larger-than-life Figurative Paintings
May 1990, New York City

Jane Rubin plays the piano.

Jane does not play the drums.

The imagery in these paintings is symbolic. The self-portrait and two other paintings symbolize Jane over-coming trauma and anti-Semitic bigotry.

Jane Rubin's art is NOT her life.

For many years, delusional people in the arts, entertainment, sports, and politics have made WRONG ASSUMPTIONS about Jane Rubin simply based on the imagery in her art. Some of these mainstream lunatics have used their money and media power to spread false stories about Amercan Artist Jane Rubin, who is not from a wealthy family, and did not have the resources to protect herself from those lunatics.

They are shallow and crazy.

FORTUNATELY, Jane Rubin's Grandfather and Father were not shallow or crazy — nor is Jane Rubin.

They were nurturing and open-minded.

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Center: Self-Portrait
Oil on canvas
96" x 96"
Copyright Jane Rubin 1989-90

L: Disneyland and Rhetoric
Oil on canvas
84" x 96"
Copyright Jane Rubin 1989-90

L: Didactica 2000 A.D.
Oil on canvas
96" x 84"
Copyright Jane Rubin 1989-90

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