Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996

Faithful — Straight — Couple: Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin.

And Jane Rubin's faithfully married parents — Bud and Peggy Rubin.

LEFT: Jane's faithfully married parents: Attorney Harry Jay Rubin and Margaret Charlap Cohen Rubin, MSW — RIGHT: Derreck and Jane — in front of their apartment — in New York City

Do your fact-checking. Jane Rubin has been commended for her honesty, courage, and compassion throughout her life. Jane Rubin always states the truth and always does the right thing.

I was too humble.

Since the 1980s — I have made art that combines — both — painting and live performances.

My art was exhibited and published in — both — fine art and pop culture venues. I also performed in — both — contemporary art and pop culture venues.

However — I did so — on my own — without my own public relations people — protecting me.

As a result of being too humble and unprotected:

Toxic, mentally unstable mass-market celebrities — who do not know me personally — have been able to use their mass media power and network — to assassinate, defame, traumatize, and endanger me — and my family — with anti-Semitic, misogynist, racist, and classist hate crimes and defamation.

As Dr. Roger Millman — former head psychiatrist at Major League Baseball — said:

They perpetrators are mentally ill.

Facts about Jane Rubin:

Jane Cohen Rubin is a biologically born, feminine, heterosexual woman who was in a faithful relationship with Derreck Alexander for over 12 years. Derreck Alexander worked at the ACE Hardware next door to Jane's apartment. In 1998, Derreck hit on Jane on her way home from work as Senior Designer at Practising Law Institute. There was instant chemistry and no talking.

At the beginning of 1999 they started living together in Jane's one-bedroom apartment — sharing the bills. Derreck and Jane separated in September 2011. However, they remain in contact.

Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin's long, faithful relationship was harmed by bad actors — in sports and entertainment — whose selfish, mentally ill, criminal and civil abuses of Jane Rubin — not only traumatized and injured Jane — but also injured Derreck Alexander — and Jane's parents in York, PA.

Derreck naturally impregnated Jane during their 12-year monogamous relationship — while she was using birth control. Not only is Jane Rubin naturally feminine — Jane is extremely feminine — and a slow-ager — as Jane Rubin's actual physicians can confirm.

That is the only science that would hold up in a court of law.

Jane Rubin was a feminine little girl — a ballet dancer.

Jane Rubin was not tomboyish in any way.

The criminal abuses of Jane Rubin — and defamation of Jane Rubin — regarding her gender-identity — have been anti-straight-female hate crimes — against a feminine, straight, cisgender woman — who only responds to men.

Due to trauma and bigotry in Jane's childhood — as well as unethical and emotionally abusive behavior toward Jane from a number of people while she was pregnant — Jane had early pregnancy terminations — that re-traumatized her.

(Jane is not speaking for other women).

However — due to Jane's unusually high level of female fertility and slow-aging body — Jane had healthy eggs in her late 40s and was still menstruating regularly into her 50s.

The continual crimes, defamation, and bullying injuring Jane Rubin — that began while she was making art in the Sports World — prevented Jane from having a baby — with her own eggs — when she still could have done so.

Jane Cohen Rubin — is a child sexual abuse survivor.

Jane Cohen Rubin avoids wild scenes and wild people.

Due to multiple traumas, endangerment, and bigotry in Jane's childhood — Jane Cohen Rubin is re-traumatized — by casual sexual behavior — wild scenes — and loud parties.

Jane Rubin avoids overly aggressive, intoxicated, and high people.

Jane Rubin avoids loud parties. However — throughout Jane Rubin's career — wealthy — mentally ill — narcissists — have used their mass media power and networks to slander and bully Jane Cohen Rubin.

Some of them have also perpetrated traumatizing crimes against Jane — not "pranks" — traumatizing crimes — that permamently injured Jane and her family.

The crimes and defamation against Jane Rubin — and her family — have been driven by — anti-Semitismmisogynyracism — and classism.

Jane's interracial relationship with an African American Man — who is not wealthy — caused bigotry towards both Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin.

Jane Rubin is also not from a wealthy family.

However — anti-Semitic bigots — who do not know Jane Rubin personally — have spread anti-Semitic "jap" slander — and gossip — about Jane — for many years.

Jane Cohen Rubin has never been wild or a freak — but total strangers — have repeatedly spread that slanderous, stupid gossip.

Jane Rubin was raised by her talented, intellectually gifted, and open-minded Reform Jewish parents — Bud and Peggy Rubin — around discussions of psychoanalysis, politics — and also sexual health — at an age-appropriate time. Jane's parents were also civil rights leaders.

At the same time — Jane's parents and grandparents were faithfully married, self-disciplined people — who raised Jane to also be self-disciplined.

Jane Rubin's art does not represent her real lifestyle — which is conservative compared to her peers.

Jane was also raised by an extended family in York, PA and in New York City, Her extended family included her parents' close PA German, Anglo, and African-American friends — who were also civil rights leaders — and her Jewish godparents in New York City, Gene and Sara Vogel, a liberal attorney and a psychiatrist.

The truth is:

It is the one's spreading the slander — and perpetrating criminal abuses — who are — wild — dirty dogs — and mentally ill.

But they can use their mass media power — 24-7 — to pretend to be — clean — humble folks.

And they can use their corrupt network to get away with criminal behavior that would land anyone else in prison.

Jane Rubin never judges other people's lifestyles.

However — Jane Rubin does not respect — corrupt — abusive — hypocrites.