Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996


Harry Jay Rubin, father of Jane Rubin, was the attorney representing Leroy Irvis in the U.S. Supreme Court in Mooe Lodge v Irvis in 1972, which he argued pro bono, and he was a gifted clarinetist who could have had a musical career, but was too humble.
My extremely self-effacing Father — Harry Jay Rubin — unexpectedly died several years ago. He did not even want a memorial service. This is a fact: Bud Rubin was a great clarinetist with natural soul. He won a state-wide soloist competition in his teens and performed on Pittsburgh radio. However, he was overly self-effacing. People told him to play publicly more often — but my Dad usually deferred to others — although Bud Rubin was the more naturally talented Clarinetist. That is not just his Daughter saying that. Clarinetist Ignatius Gennusa (first clarinetist of the Baltimore Symphony) coached my Father in adulthood and told my Dad that he had more natural musical talent than some full-time professional clarinetists. In fact, Iggy Gennusa resigned as my Dad's coach — because — as he told Dad — he had nothing more to coach him on. Iggy implored Dad to perform publicly more often. So did I. But my Father was self-effacing to an extreme. He was also athletically talented and held a Pittsburgh-area track record. In 1972, he represented African American Pennsylvania Congressman Leroy Irvis — pro bono — in a pivotal civil rights case before the United States Supreme Court: Moose Lodge v. Irvis. The "Moose Lodge Case" is widely studied by law students.


Bud Rubin and Peggy Rubin, (parents) Ann, Jane and Alice Rubin, and our family house at 919 McKenzie Street, York, PA

Above are my faithfully married parents, Bud Rubin and Peggy (Cohen) Rubin, on their honeymoon, our humble home in York, PA — which cost my parents — middle-class Americans — less than $40,000 — and my sisters and me: Ann, Jane, and Alice Rubin. We were all well-behaved children — we all excelled — and we all contributed to our communities — no contract with our parents was ever needed. While my quiet family and I were letting our work speak for itself — loudmouth narcissists, anti-semites and racists were using their money and corrupt means to defame both me and family members, and our history and contributions to York, PA, Pennsylvania and America. There are numerous news articles about family members. However, anti-Semitism caused my talented — excellent — overly humble — clean — law-abiding — middle-class — Jewish-American Family — to avoid wealth and downplay media attention. I am setting the record straight.