Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996

Faithful — Straight — Couple: Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin

LEFT: Jane's faithfully married parents: Attorney Harry Jay Rubin and Margaret Charlap Cohen Rubin, MSW
CENTER: Derreck John Alexander — and Jane Cohen Rubin — in Barbados in January 2005
RIGHT: Derreck and Jane — in front of their apartment — in New York City

In the following statement — Jane Cohen Rubin is speaking in the third person about herself — to assert her rights — not to be pretentious.

Furthermore — Jane Rubin's character, integrity, honesty, bravery, and leadership — have been commended throughout her life — starting in childhood.

Statement of fact:

Jane Cohen Rubin is a biologically born, feminine, heterosexual woman who was in a faithful relationship with Derreck Alexander.

Derreck naturally impregnated Jane during their 12-year monogamous relationship — while she was using birth control — because Jane Rubin is not only feminine — Jane is extremely feminine — and a slow-ager. That is the real science.

Jane Rubin is a cisgender woman and a biologically feminine woman.

Jane Rubin was a feminine little girl — a ballet dancer — and not tomboyish in any way.

The criminal abuses of Jane Rubin — and defamation of Jane Rubin — regarding her gender-identity — have been anti-straight-female hate crimes — against a biologically feminine, straight woman — who only responds to men.

Those facts can be proven in a court of law.

Due to trauma and bigotry in Jane's childhood — as well as unethical and emotionally abusive behavior toward Jane from a number of people while she was pregnant — Jane had early pregnancy terminations — that Jane did not actually want to have — and that re-traumatized her. (Jane is not speaking for other women, here).

Although — due to Jane's unusually high level of female fertility and slow-aging body — Jane had healthy eggs in her late 40s and was still menstruating regularly into her 50s — but the continual crimes, defamation, and bullying injuring Jane Rubin — that began while she was making art in the Sports World — prevented Jane from having a baby — with her own eggs — when she still could have done so.

Jane Cohen Rubin has been a self-disciplined person her entire life.

Jane Cohen Rubin's personal life is on the conservative side of the spectrum.


Jane Cohen Rubin has been a — law-abiding — honest — moral — high-achieving United States Citizen — with no addictions — who competes fairly — her entire life.

Jane Cohen Rubin — is a child sexual abuse survivor.

Jane Cohen Rubin avoids wild scenes and wild people.

Jane Cohen Rubin is traumatized — by casual sexual behavior — wild scenes — and loud parties.

Jane Rubin avoids overly aggressive and intoxicated people.

Throughout Jane Rubin's career — wealthy — delusional narcissists — have used their mass media power and networks to slander and bully Jane Cohen Rubin — and to perpetrate traumatizing crimes against Jane.

The crimes and defamation against Jane Rubin — and her family — have been driven by — anti-Semitismmisogynyracism — and classism — due to Jane's interracial relationship with an African American Man who is not wealthy.

And — Jane Rubin is also not from a wealthy family — but due to anti-Semitic stereotypes — many people have spread slander about that too.

Jane Cohen Rubin is a law-abiding — moral woman raised by faithfully married — middle-class parents — Attorney Harry Jay Rubin and Margaret Cohen Rubin, MSW.

Jane Rubin's parents were civil rights leaders in York, Pennsylvania. In Jane's middle-class home, her parents closest friends included Black civil rights leaders in York — who were extended family — including Jane's Uncle Roy and Aunt Delores Borom — and Ray Crenshaw. They helped to raise Jane. Jane's closest friends in early childhood were Andy Stewart, whose family was German and Scottish, and Novenia Spells, an African-American Girl. Their parents were also a part of Jane's early upbringing.

Jane and her older sister attended York's inner city public schools — through 9th grade. York's City Schools were racially diverse — however — Jane Rubin and Ann Rubin were the only Jewish children in the entire school system.

In York, Pennsylvania — Jane Rubin grew up surrounded by African American, German, and Scotch-Irish Culture — not Jewish Culture.

York, PA is nothing like New York or LA.

While Jane Cohen Rubin is Jewish and proud of it — her cultural upbringing — and therefore her cultural identity — were primarily formed by Black and German-Anglo culture in York, PA.

Jane's atypical upbringing — as a Jewish-American Girl — who grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch and Black Culture in York, PA — emerged in her paintings and drawings.

People of all races — as well as Jewish-Americans who grew up in New York, LA and other places where there is a large Jewish Community — have taken part in anti-semitic, racist, and misogynist profiling of Jane Rubin and her art.

In short — people of all races — have wrongly profiled Jane Rubin as a "freak" — due to her relationship with Derreck Alexander, and because she dated and/or made paintings of a small number of African American Men during 1998 — while she was a single woman — before Derreck Alexander introduced himself to her.

After Derreck Alexander introduced himself to Jane Rubin — from early 1999 onward — Derreck and Jane lived together as husband and wife — faithfully — for the next 12 years.

Jane Rubin has never been wild or a freak.

Jane Rubin was raised by her faithfully married — politically liberal — Reform Jewish Parents — Bud and Peggy Rubin — who were civil rights leaders in Pennsylvania — and by their German-Anglo and African-American friends — also civil rights leaders — surrounded by German-Anglo and Black Culture.

Jane Rubin also does not judge freaky lifestyles — as long as the person is not abusive — all good.

However — people of all races — have wrongly profiled — discriminated against — and bullied — both Derreck Alexander and Jane Rubin.

The crimes and defamation have injured, traumatized, and endangered Jane Rubin — and her family.

The truth is:

It is the one's spreading the slander — who are the — wild — dirty dogs.

But they can use their mass media power — 24-7 — to pretend to be — clean — humble folks.

They simply hide — their wild lifestyles — behind their phony public relations campaigns — and their ostentatious charity events.

Jane Rubin never judges other people's lifestyles.

However — Jane Rubin does not respect — corrupt — abusive — hypocrites.