Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996

Jane Rubin is a — Dancer Who Paints — and composes new music.

Jane Cohen Rubin is a Straight Female Artist.

While not religious, Jane Cohen Rubin is also a proud Jewish woman.

Born and raised in York, PA, and residing in New York City, Jane Rubin's art has been exhibited since childhood and collected since her 20s. Jane's first show in New York City happened when she was twenty, while she was still an undergraduate at Columbia University. Jane was a "Selected Artist" in the Whitney Museum Program in her 20s and received her MFA at California Institute of the Arts. In the late 1990s Jane taught "Media Communications" at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

A painter who began in life as a serious dancer (and musician) — Jane is actually a Dancer Who Paints.

Jane was placed in a ballet class in early childhood, where she was put on point at age nine — younger than usual — and was considered to have the potential to dance professionally. However, when the Instructor — a Soloist from The National Ballet of Washington D.C. — who taught in Jane's hometown of York, PA — suddenly retired in Jane's pre-teens — Jane's primary focus became painting and drawing.

Jane had also been giving classical piano recitals in childhood. In her early teens, she was also the pianist for the York High jazz band, (which has produced a number of well-known jazz musicians). However, Jane, in essence, is a dancer. As a naturally athletic type, she did not love sitting on a piano bench. As an Artist who has to create it herself, experiment, create new forms — to be happy — Jane also did not love playing music composed by others.

Since the late 1990s, Visual Art, Dance, and Music have come together in Jane's art.

From her dancer-athleticism and muscle memory, Jane is able to draw other athletes in motion in real-time.

In 1998 Jane began drawing and painting male basketball players at games in New York City, and from 2006 to 2012, Jane drew and painted baseball players in motion, in the front rows at Yankees Games.

In the 21st Century, it should go without saying that Jane Rubin is a serious Professional Female Artist, not a "groupie."

While Jane never judges anyone's lifestyle, Jane is a self-disciplined person whose personal life, overall, has been conservative compared to her peers. Jane Rubin did not attend men's sports games to party with athletes.

Jane was in a faithful relationship with her common-law husband, Derreck Alexander, with whom she was living, and whom she also drew and painted from life, at their home.

Jane Rubin is a Straight, Jewish Woman — who also supports everyone's civil and marriage rights — but Jane has experienced extensive bigotry in her own life.

That includes continual anti-Semitism in her childhood — and discrimination and bullying from militants and misogynists who have often "bashed" Jane Rubin — a contemporary, straight, female artist — simply for painting men.

Self-portraiture has been a recurring theme in Jane's art since childhood. It is a way that Jane asserts herself and her cisgender feminine (not masculine) power, and it is healing.

In recent years, Jane began choreographing modern dance movement and composing new music in conjunction with her paintings and drawings, including piano-clarinet duets in honor of her talented, but overly humble father — Harry Jay Rubin — whose beautiful clarinet playing expressed his beautiful soul.