Artist Jane Rubin and Champion, Oil on Canvas, Copyright Jane Rubin 1996

Jane Cohen Rubin graduated from Columbia University with visual art and academic honors.

Jane Rubin is not a "schoolgirl" — yet another piece of slander that mediocre entertainers — have aimed at Jane Rubin — due to her Ivy League Degree — and because they are anti-Semitic and misogynist.

They are funny puppies.

You can bet that if any of them — had an Ivy League Degree — with Artistic and Academic Honors — they would boast about it non-stop.

But they do not — they are jealous and petty people — who defame and bully others — who cheat to get ahead.

Jane Rubin was advanced in — Dance — Music — and Art — in early childhood.

That fact is well-documented.

Jane Rubin is naturally "right-brained."

Jane Rubin inherited her — artistic — musical — and athletic talent — from both sides of her talented family.

"Left-brained" linear-analytical people — often resent — "right-brained" visual-spatial people.

While there were numerous intellectually brilliant people at Columbia and Barnard — while Jane Rubin was an undergraduate there — a few students and faculty members — also — resented — and hated on — Jane Rubin.

They often had a political excuse — for what was actually — just their envy — of Jane Rubin's "right-brained" talents.

On the other hand — Jane Rubin is grateful for the brilliant and talented people in the Columbia and Barnard Community who supported her and enriched her development, such as Painters Milton Resnick and Jane Wilson — and Professors Jeffrey Perl (Modernist Literature) and Serge Gavronsky (Semiotics).

Jane Cohen Rubin was — the only undergraduate painter — invited to participate in Columbia's Master of Fine Arts Life Drawing Seminar.

• Jane Rubin's senior thesis show of paintings and drawings was awarded — "pass with distinction."

• Jane Rubin was the stage designer for The Columbia Experimental Theatre, The Columbia Players, and for productions at Barnard.

• Jane Rubin also acted and painted live on-stage in plays at Columbia and Barnard.

• Jane Rubin was the invited, undergraduate panelist at events dealing with Visual Art and Feminism — of course — Jane Rubin is for equal rights and justice — but Jane Rubin has never been an intolerant militant — or a reactionary type — about any topic.

• While she was still a Columbia undergraduate — at age 20 — Jane Rubin was invited to have a solo show of her paintings and drawings in The James Chapel at Union Theological Seminary.

• In addition to her Visual Art major — Jane Rubin's primary academic foci were — structuralism and semiotics — psychoanalysis — and modernist art and literature.

• Jane Rubin's senior thesis dealt with — Willem de Kooning's paintings and drawings.

• Topics that Jane Rubin covered in papers at Columbia and Barnard included the work of Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, Samuel Beckett, Bertolt Brecht — and the allegorical paintings of Ambrogio Lorenzetti.

• Independently — during the early to mid 1980s — Jane Rubin taught herself Lacanian psychoanalytic theory — and post-structuralist and post-modern cultural and political theory.

Jaques Lacan's — Michel Foucault's — and Jean Baudrillard's — perceptions — were interests of Jane Rubin's — in early adulthood.

After her early 20s — Jane Rubin stopped reading.

Jane Rubin is a right-brained — visual-spatial person — and she may also be mildly dyslexic.

Jane Rubin's maternal grandfather, mother, and younger sister are dyslexic.

"Twice-exceptional" runs in her family.