Paintings and drawings of New York Yankee Players created by Jane Rubin at Yankee Stadium, while the athletes were motion.

FACTS MATTER — JANE COHEN RUBIN HAS NEVER BEEN OVERWEIGHT IN HER LIFE — Jane Rubin has never been wild or promiscuous — Jane Rubin has never had a chronic mental illness — Jane Rubin has never had an addiction — My Attorney and Musician Dad — Harry Jay Rubin — and Politician and Judge Grandfather — Herbert Cohen — were not rich — they were middle-class — but they gave me lifelong core values — and self-discipline — including about health and fitness.

Side-by-side photographic comparison of Jane Rubin at age 53, healthy, slim, physically fit, real age decades younger, and Derek Jeter, who was overweight and bulkly and drank too much, his ankle broken at 38, basically ending his career.

Photo of overweight Derek Jeter in 2012 when he broke his ankle at 38 being hauled off field by his overweight team trainer and teammates — juxtaposed with photo of Jane Rubin in 2016 at 53 - real age much younger - slim, physically fit, a former ballet dancer and lifelong cyclist - who is many years younger than her age.


LEFT: Jane Rubin — age 53 — real age about 29

RIGHT: Derek Jeter — only 38 — real age about 68

New York Post cover of overweight Derek Jeter in leg cast in florida after he broke his ankle in 2012 at only 38 - due to his bulkiness, drinking, and lack of core stability — and a photo of Derek Jeter passed out while partying with two overweight groupies who are swigging booze from a bottle — and another photo of Derek Jeter passed out and drunk — with a bottle of beer.

He was the overweight one.

He is the wild one.

Jane Rubin was actually anorexic for a number of years while Derek Jeter, his overweight family, Hannah Davis, Minka Kelly, the YES Network, and many others were publicly body-shaming her and also criminally bullying and harassing her.

I was never overweight.

I was anorexic and emaciated.

I could have died.

I stopped menstruating suddenly — from low body weight — stress — hardship — with no signs of menopause.

My real age is much younger than my numerical age.

I was still fertile and had healthy eggs in my late 40s. An OBGYN did blood tests. He said I did not need medical help to get pregnant, even in my late 40s. I continued to menstruate into my 50s. I was still capable of having my own healthy baby.

My OBGYN can testify.

I wore a Size Small or Petite my entire life. I was only a size 4 — a Small — when I started making art at Yankees Games in 2006. While I was making art at Yankees Games from 2006 to 2012, I posted distorted, uncorrected selfies on this website, in which I looked 10-20 pounds heavier than I was. On the basis of those distorted photos — I was publicly slandered, bullied, and body-shamed by overweight Derek Jeter, his obsese family, his anglo-saxon mean-girl sidekicks — who have big, muscular upper bodies and are far more masculine than I am — as well as by the Yankee Organization and their mass media, corporate, and government network.

As a result — I became anorexic and had PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. I dropped to 98 pounds. Because my lower half is strong and lean from dance and cycling — at 100 pounds — I looked like I weighed 92.

My veins were protruding all over my body. My spine was protruding. I had lost my chest — which is normally a 34C.

I was being watched — obscenely — on camera — at 24 Hour Fitness. I had rapidly shrunk from a Size 4 to less than a Size 0. Skin was hanging from my shrunken glutes.

The stupid, dirty people watching me — used the skin hanging from my — anorexic — emaciated — glutes — as another excuse to publicly slander and attack my body.

Meanwhile — a Chelsea Piers Triathlon Coach who assessed me — Scott Berlinger — told me that my body fat was only 9 percent — and my health was in danger.

In 2011, an MD — Dr. Scott Soloway — was alarmed by emaciated condition — but I was anorexic and in denial. In 2012, I was told by my primary care physician at NYU-Langone — Dr. Roger Wetherbee — that I had lost too much weight.

All of them can provide testimony.

While I was in that emaciated condition — The Jeter-Yankees-MLB-Sports-Entertainment-Mass-Media-Mob — continued to slander and bully me. That included multiple incidents of aggravated harassment and stalking, nazi-style hate crimes and dehumanizing defamation — against me — at Yankee Stadium — and in The Players Tribune.

The NYPD — because they knew who the perps were — initially refused to take reports from me — but I went to Internal Affairs — and retroactively — they entered some of the crimes against me into the system. In 2014, I began reporting crimes to the FBI — which have included felony identity theft, felony computer tampering, misconduct under color of law, interstate stalking, and conspiracy against rights. They have done nothing to stop it. Some of them have also been abusive to me when I occassionally call to see if they are going to do anything to protect me.

I am talking about deadly crimes — not a game.

Derek Jeter — and his sidekicks — have no moral compass — behind their PR — they are a wild mess.

As Roger Millman — the former chief psychiatrist of Major League Baseball said — they are mentally ill.

Two-faced, dishonest, wild Derek Jeter — his wild, dirty sidekicks — the wild Yankee Organization — and other wild animals in their corporate — government — and mass media network — have been publicly slandering my body — virtue — gender-identity — mental health — and even my patriotism — for over a decade. They have also been criminally bullying and traumatizing me and my family.

My Dad became ill and died — and I can no longer have a child.

One of the main drivers of their assault on my life — is their mentally ill — narcissism — and delusions of grandeur.

Here is one example of their delusional thoughts: They crazily fantasize — that when I am discussing their crimes and slander — I am really just "excited" about them.


Those delusional 8th-graders also fantasize — that no how much they terrorize me — with crime and slander — I still want to be around them.


As Dr. Millman said — the narcissists in sports-entertainment who have been injuring me and my family — mentally and physically — for over a decade — are delusional sociopaths.

The only thing I want — is for them to be indicted for their crimes — and for a courtroom proceeding to happen.

They are a disgrace.