Paintings and drawings of New York Yankee Players created by Jane Rubin at Yankee Stadium, while the athletes were motion.

This page is currently being edited and updated with visual documentation. Due to the severe, repeated and ongoing trauma and injury to me and to my family — since I made art at New York Yankees Games — and at Men's Basketball Games — I am taking my time with this. When I talk about myself in the 3rd person it is not to be pretentious. It is a way of asserting myself — gaining emotional distance — and control.

You can request to see the evidence that the — NYPD — FBI — Manhattan DA — US Attorney SDNY — and DOJ Inspector General — already have — and that they are sitting on — justice is being obstruted.


Derek Jeter — and his family — and his sidekicks — and their network — have been using their billions of dollars — and media power — to lie to the public — about — my body — virtue — and identity.

Meanwhile — it is Derek Jeter — who was overweight — when I was making art of him — and his family was overweight.

Meanwhile — it is Derek Jeter and his mean-girl sidekicks — who are the actual "dirty dogs."

They party.

I do not.

They have long lists.

I do not.

But Derek Jeter has a Global Public Relations Machine — a ton of money — MLB — Ford — etc. — and pals like Barack Obama, George Bush, and Donald Trump.

Like a giant — fat — evil — spider web — they are financially connected — to just about every public and private institution — as well.

So — Derek Jeter — and his sidekicks and proxies — have been able to "assassinate" — and financially strangle — and criminally terrorize — and slander — and isolate — Jane Rubin — for the past decade — while they are "protected" — through corrupt means.


They are the crazy ones.

They are delusional — and they have — abusivenarcissistic personality disorders.

There is not one crazy bone in my body.

And I am always honest.

I am a biologically born, feminine, straight woman.

I have never been overweight or wild in my life.

As my level-headed Father — a respected graduate of Yale Law School — said to me — back in 2013 — when I was still in denial about it — "Derek Jeter is crazy."
So is the delusional Jeter Family — and his delusional mean-girl sidekicks — and his institutional network — and some in the media — and any of their fans who believe their crazy slander.

They are all crazy — when it comes to me.

When I do anything to stop that crazy mob from terrorizing me and my family — like file a complaint — contact legal help — there is retaliation — and more anti-Semitic hate.

When I complain — I am supposedly a "whiney disloyal jew-das."

That is total BS.

If Derek Jeter or a member of his family were victimized — just once — in the way that they have been victimizing me and my family — The Jeters — MLB — and The White House — would have an FBI swat team — hunt down the perps — and lock them up — immediately.

On the other hand — whenever I file a report to get the terror stopped — there is more criminal and civil abuse of me — including threats — electronic hacking and stalking on my iPhone and laptop — employment discrimination and sudden job loss — in retaliation.

It is also done to intimidate and silence me.

Since 2012 — LinkedIn — and Citibank — and my alma mater — Columbia University — and UBS Paine Webber — and Mulligan Security — and Paul Simon Music — and Breakaway Courier — and some unethical people at the NYPD and FBI — and recently — Cooper Union — have all taken part in defamation, bullying, discrimination, and/or retaliation tactics.

In a court of law — the judge and jury would see the timeline of my life — which speaks for itself:

Before I made the art at Yankee Stadium — I was a consistently high-achieving American — from childhood through adulthood — and — like my family — I have always been perfectly law-abiding — and I always compete honestly and fairly.

My parents — Bud and Peggy Rubin — did not need their children to sign a contract.

I was always well-behaved — and I always excelled.

Charles and Dorothy Jeter — had their children sign contracts.

There is a — big — fat — all-encompassing — network of institutions — protecting their wealth and business relationships — and they do not like it — when Jane Cohen Rubin speaks up.

Derek Jeter was a profitable MLB brand and New York Yankees Brand — and he has been a Salesman — for a number of corporations — Ford, Visa, Nike, et. al.

The top dogs at Major League Baseball — or in business with MLB — e.g. Microsoft, Apple, and the City of New York — or who run corporations — that Derek Jeter represents in ad campaigns — are also trustees, donors, and board members — at just about every public and private institution.

Collectively — they have been assaulting me — with defamation — discrimination — and crimes.

It is not rocket science.

Corruption — is protecting Derek Jeter and his sidekicks...

While assassinating Jane Cohen Rubin.

Justice is being obstructed.

Facts about Jane Rubin

I have never been overweight in my life.

I have worn a Small or Petite my entire life.

I was a serioius ballet dancer in childhood — and I have been physically fit my entire life.

I am also a slow-ager — and I lead a healthy lifestyle.

I have never been wild or promiscuous.

I do not party.

I do not sleep around.

I do not use drugs.

I rarely even have one drink.

In childhood — I was always well-behaved — and I always excelled.

I was a petite, thin — and girlish — ballet dancer, musician, and artist — talents that I inherited from both sides of my family.

I am a naturally feminine and heterosexual woman.

My parents raised their children — to expect — mutual respect — in all our personal and business relationships.

I have never broken a law in my life.